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Winter holidays

Winter holidays February 19, 2011 | Kid Friendly, Things to Do | Read More
This weekend marks the beginning of the winter holiday (sports holiday) for all the schools of Oslo and much of the rest of the country. Cross-country skiing is extremely popular and many families head for the mountains. Others prefer to stay in town, so be prepared for heaps of skiers on the city’s...

by:Larm Music Festival 2011 – Nordic Music Awards

by:Larm Music Festival 2011 – Nordic Music Awards February 14, 2011 | Events | Read More
As part of the by:Larm 2011 Festival (17 – 19 February), the first ever Nordic Music Prize awards takes place this Friday at Kulturkirken Jakob (JAKOB Church of Culture). The nominees are here. After the awards ceremony, there will be a concert by three fabulous Nordic artists: Icelandic Ólöf...

Free Oslo: Darwin Day 2011

Free Oslo: Darwin Day 2011 February 11, 2011 | Events, free | Read More
If you’re in Oslo today – and you’re not all that much into ski jumping, why not take the metro up to the University to celebrate Darwin Day 2011. The programme features presentations by international researches, including James Mallet (University College, London, UK), Walter Salzburger...

Oslo Wine Festival

Oslo Wine Festival February 1, 2011 | Food | Read More
If you’re in Oslo this weekend, you might want to check out the first ever Oslo Wine Festival. Fifteen Tjuvholmen and Aker brygge restaurants are the organizers behind the wine festival and everyone is welcome. Whether you’re a connoisseur or know very little about wine (but is curious),...

PhotoFriday – Happy 2011 from Oslo

PhotoFriday – Happy 2011 from Oslo December 31, 2010 | Kid Friendly | Read More
NileGuide Oslo wishes everyone a fun and happy new year. Oslo new year fireworks photo by ergates/flickr’s Creative Commons

Oslo Winter Walks

Oslo Winter Walks December 28, 2010 | Things to Do, What's New | Read More
If you’ve spent Christmas in Oslo, you have probably eaten heaps of high-calorie food for the last month. If you’re among the ski fanatics, no problem: any kilos gained are probably already gone. But if you’re the lazier sort, you might be looking for softer ways to begin shedding some...

PhotoFriday – snow, fabulous snow

PhotoFriday – snow, fabulous snow December 17, 2010 | Kid Friendly | Read More
Minus 10 degrees C (about 14 degrees F) and heaps of snow means lots of opportunities to play. Check out our guide to family fun in the snow in Oslo.


Julebord! December 15, 2010 | Food | Read More
If you’re in Oslo these days, you may have noticed the city’s restaurants are full and tables hard to come by. Also, you may have noticed, shall we say, inebriated locals in the streets. That’s because we’re right in the middle of the julebord season. And what is julebord, you...

St Lucia Day

St Lucia Day December 13, 2010 | Food, Kid Friendly | Read More
Today – 13 December – is St.Lucia Day. It’s a cosy, candle-lit morning in the dark of winter, where children parade through the neighbourhood – or their schoolyard – dressed in white robes and carrying candles while they sing St Lucia’s song, a Neapolitan folk song....

Oslo’s twin cities. And Christmas trees.

Oslo’s twin cities. And Christmas trees. December 11, 2010 | Events, free | Read More
About this time of year, the city of Oslo ships off Norwegian Christmas trees to some of its friends, specifically Washington DC, New York, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Reykjavik and London. This is a long-standing custom and especially the London tree is a dear, old tradition, upheld since 1947, to thank Britain...