What's New — By Nina Brown on October 30, 2010 at 3:24 pm

So you’re stuck on a sightseeing tour of Oxford and you find yourself desperate to pee (that is, to micturate if we’re speaking Oxford English).

NEVER FEAR!! Oxford is awash (mmm) with lovely loos (deriving from the term lavatory- a very proper, British term).

Oxford loos are fairly bog-standard (excuse the pun). Nothing fancy here I’m afraid, but one blessing is that you will not generally be expected to pay for public loos.

When asking where the loo is, feel free to go wild and experiment with any one (or more!) different English words for loo from the list below…

John, Can, Privy, Toilet, Lav, Loo, Bathroom, Water Closet (WC), Commode, Crapper (From Mr Thomas Crapper, a London plumber who did much to publicise the Water Closet), Potty, Throne, Pot, Bog, Little Boy’s/Girl’s Room, Gents, Ladies.

Eg. Excuse me kind Sir, where might I find a Commode…?

OR… Oi, mate, where’s the nearest Privy?

OR SIMPLY..Excuse me, do you know where the nearest loo is?

This incredibly helpful website below gives you a map of all the Public Loos in Oxford. What is more, if you click on the map it actually gives a brief resume of what you can expect from any given loo! This could be most helpful if you were a Toilet Spotter ( Like a Train Spotter but for toilets…yes, they do exist).


If I was to pick my favourite restaurant loo in Oxford, it would have to be the Kazbar on the Cowley Rd. The sinks are so huge they have to be seen to be believed!

Probably the best Public Loo would be the Covered Market loos- very central and usually always clean with loo paper available.

One thing I would advise is that you take some tissues with you on a day out. Oxford gets incredibly busy, particularly in Summer when its streets are almost full to bursting with students and tourists. Loo paper therefore is usually guzzled before the loos have a chance to be restocked.