Boutique Hotels in Palm Springs: What to Consider When Booking a Room

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The idea of boutique hotels may have originated in New York, London and San Francisco, but Palm Springs has become a veritable hotbed of smaller, personalized, and expertly designed lodgings. Not all boutique hotels are created equal, however. Since they are designed to provide unique experiences, you should think about exactly what kind of unique experience you are looking for before booking.

Here are some things to consider:


Boutique says it all in the name. While no boutique hotels are big by any means, some are small and some are tiny. The Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn features only eight rooms while the Ballantines Hotel features almost twice that many. Do you want a quiet secluded experience or the something quirky, but still bustling?


Are you looking for proximity to golf courses and convenient meeting rooms (did someone say business trip?), a completely green resort, or somewhere you can get a traditional Japanese breakfast delivered to your room in the morning? Knowing what you want out of your experience will help you to decide between Legacy Villas, Club Trinidad, and Sakura Bed & Breakfast.

The Viceroy Palm Springs

The courtyard of the Viceroy Palm Springs


Palm Springs is known for having great nightlife, some of which can be found at the restaurants and bars in the coolest boutique hotels in the city. If it’s a party you want, book a room at The Viceroy. Their restaurant and bar, the Citron is one of the hottest places to grab a drink and it’s all the better if you can stumble across the courtyard to your room.

Movie Colony Hotel

The pool at the Movie Colony Hotel.


Although it might not be on the top of every traveler’s list, Palm Springs does offer the opportunity to spend time in some pretty spectacular architecture. The Palms offers Spanish Colonial style with a modern feel. If it’s Palm Springs’ famed mid-century look you’re going for, head to The Movie Colony Hotel. Lately the refurbished motor in has become popular. See the best example of that style at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club. For the best of all worlds, pick one, and grab a drink elsewhere!

[photos courtesy of Robert.Montalvo, Maggiejumps, “il Carca”]

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