How to Look Like A Local in Perth: Just Be Casual!

Travel Tips — By Amanda Kendle on October 20, 2010 at 7:39 am

So you’re visiting Perth as a tourist but you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb? If you want to blend in with the crowd in Perth, it’s not too hard. Our warm, sunny climate means you’re never going to need a thick woolly coat or boots, and most of the year you’ll just need one layer during the day and perhaps a light jacket at night – much less in summer!

Add our love of the outdoors and the beach to our warm weather and you’ll find that Perth people are usually pretty casual. Some might say we’re a little too casual – I know that when foreigners arrive in Perth, they’re often surprised by how many people are wandering around without shoes on. That’s not because we’re too poor to afford shoes, but because a lot of Perth people seem to think they’re unnecessary. (Personally, I wear shoes pretty much every time I go out. Not necessarily if I walk across the road to my neighbour’s house, though.)

There’s one more factor that means you won’t be out of place in Perth if you don’t have all the latest fashions. Perth can sometimes be a little behind the times. It’s a little better now, but twenty years ago we’d even get the fashions from Sydney a year later – probably several years after they were fashionable in New York. Obviously with technology we now actually know what’s going on in the rest of the world, and there is a blossoming fashion industry in Perth, but it’s early days, it’s small, and in general, Perth people don’t feel the need to dress up to snappily.

What all the girls are wearing in Perth

Summer’s just starting up here, and because we love warm weather, all the girls got right into their summer clothes at the first hint of winter being finished with. That means everyone’s got Havianas on their feet (if they wear shoes at all, of course!), short skirts or short shirts, and sleeveless shirts. Sure, we’ve got a hole in the ozone layer dangerously nearby but that doesn’t stop Perth gals showing some skin!

Fast forward to winter and you’ll see the Havianas replaced by Ugg boots (they’re Australian products, of course) but not much else changes among the fashion conscious.

What all the guys are wearing in Perth

Somehow the boys manage to be a touch more sensible. Any old flip-flops will do (although I should warn non-Aussies that flip-flops are actually called thongs here, not to be confused with the underwear …). A basic T-shirt and shorts outfit suits most guys most of the time. If the weather cools down a bit, swap the shorts for jeans and you’re done.

So that’s it – how easy is it to fit into Perth? No unusual fashions required and not too much high fashion necessary, either. Come on down, relax and have fun with us – we’re as casual as our clothing!

Thanks to calloutLoud and Fiona Bradley for the Perth people pics.

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