Stuck in Perth International Airport During the Holidays? Enjoy It!

Travel Tips — By Amanda Kendle on November 1, 2010 at 4:12 am

If you’re stranded in Perth International Airport, first of all you’re pretty unlucky. With Perth being the most isolated city on earth, most people start or end their journey here, but if you have been touring or are headed for the far reaches of Western Australia, and your connecting flight goes astray, then you could end up stuck in Perth’s airport. So how you can you make the best of this time? Read on!

In the airport

First up, you’re bound to be transferring either from or to a domestic flight, so if you have a choice of whether to remain in the Perth Domestic Airport or head down the road to the Perth International Airport, pick the International – there is (marginally!) more to do here.

There are several decent cafes here, and I’d recommend either the Aromas cafe (turn left after coming up the escalator) or head round to the Dome close to where you enter the security area – this is a large Dome cafe but has the advantage of being close to the scene of many tearful goodbyes, so it can be interesting as far as people watching is concerned.

You can also go up to the Observation Deck and watch the planes come and go (not yours, obviously), which is popular with all plane buffs and children!

Near the airport

If your delay is five or six hours (or, I hate to imagine, more), then you’ll have plenty of time to get out and about a little in Perth. If you don’t want to stray too far then I’d recommend grabbing a taxi to Guildford, and do a little bit of shopping (or browsing, depending on how full your suitcases already are) – the Guildford Village Potters or the Jones of Guildford antiques store are both places where you can enjoy yourself without buying anything.

Also not far from the airport, you could head to the Burswood Entertainment Complex – day or night, there’s always something happening here – and gamble your remaining Aussie dollars in the casino, taking your winnings to one of the numerous bars or restaurants there.

A will you make it back to the airport challenge

Take your five or six hours and make the absolute most of it by doing something a bit more adventurous – hit the popular Cables Water Ski Park down in Spearwood. It’ll take you a good hour to get here (and back, obviously) but you’ll get a great workout zooming along on the water and you’ll feel tired out and ready for a big sleep once you do get on that plane. Just keep an eye on the time!

Empty-looking Perth International Airport terminals picture by stusev

Inside Perth International Airport by superturtle

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