What’s a Bargain Holiday Souvenir in Perth?

Travel Tips — By Amanda Kendle on November 24, 2010 at 5:11 am

When you travel down to Australia, half your friends will probably ask you to bring them back a kangaroo. The other half want a koala. But if animals aren’t quite the souvenirs you have in mind, read on. There are a whole heap of both useful and useless souvenirs on offer in Perth – and you don’t have to spend a fortune to take back a little piece of Perth home with you. Here are my tips on the best cheap deals for Christmas presents or any-time-souvenirs from your Perth holiday:

Western Australian Wine

This is the kind of souvenir that you might not want to give away to anyone else! Perth and its surrounds are famous for good quality wine – just take a drive through the Swan Valley and you’ll find more local wineries than you’ll ever need. And the bonus is that depending on how important the recipient is, you can go for a pricier wine or a more cheap and cheerful souvenir!

Margaret River wine photo courtesy of omaniblog

Toy Quokkas … or Koalas or Kangaroos!

You can give in to demands and take home a stuffed kangaroo or koala (the toy kind, I mean, of course!), but do something more uniquely Perth and give the gift of a toy quokka instead. These furry creatures are exclusive to Rottnest Island just off Perth, a must visit while you’re here. And again, a stuffed quokka toy won’t break the bank.

Quokka photo courtesy of Thomas Rutter

Gold – In Small Quantities Perhaps

The Perth Mint has a great souvenir shop located within the main building and it’s full of expensive gold souvenirs. But you can grab a few golden bargains too, maybe in the form of souvenir coins or of tiny (almost microscopic!) nuggets of gold.

Tacky Perth T-Shirts

When it comes to cheap, tacky souvenirs, Perth is no different and no better than any other major city! Line up at the souvenir shops in Barrack Street to take your pick of numerous bargain deals on shirts featuring Australian native animals, the Swan Bells, real and not-real Aboriginal art and numerous slogans rhyming Perth and earth.

What Souvenir Would You Like From Perth?

Any requests? Tell us in the comments what kind of souvenir you’d like your friends to bring back for you from Perth this holiday season.

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