Caversham Wildlife Park’s Birthday Wombat

Kid Friendly — By Amanda Kendle on November 25, 2010 at 5:17 am

I’m a huge fan of all of our unique Australian animals, but I hold a special affection for the wombat. Perhaps it’s because I loved a TV show featuring a pet wombat while I was growing up; perhaps it’s because they’re usually overlooked in favour of kangaroos and koalas and I love an underdog, or should I say an underwombat?! In any case, this month at the fantastic Caversham Wildlife Park, they are celebrating the birthday of their famous wombat Big Bubs.

Caversham Wildlife Park is great because they make an effort to house the animals in relatively natural enclosures, and you can walk in amongst the kangaroos as well as getting up close and personal with a koala (whichever one’s not too soundly asleep when you reach their enclosure). But they also have several times each day when you can meet various animals face-to-face and Big Bubs the wombat is usually one of them.

This photo of me and Big Bubs is a couple of years old and in recent visits it seems that you can’t usually take her on your own lap anymore – the handler holds her while you sit next to her and pat her. I haven’t found out for sure but I’d guess that at least part of the reasons is that Big Bubs is VERY heavy! So don’t feel bad if you don’t get to hold her the way I did. And if you’re there soon, tell her happy birthday, okay?

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