Oprah’s Guests Visit Perth

What's New — By Amanda Kendle on January 26, 2011 at 7:12 am

So unfortunately Oprah decided not to drop in on Perth, despite our petition! She did, however, send a couple of guests from her Ultimate Vacation over to Perth to have a look around.  Michelle and LeWayne Bryan spent a few days both exploring Perth and getting into the south-west of Western Australia where wine country is calling.

Poor Oprah really missed out by not coming over this side of the country – I’m sure you won’t think I’m biased when I say it’s the best bit! – but at least you can take a look at what her guests saw on her special Oprah Perth and Beyond page. You’ll see they checked out places like the Swan Bells, Fraser’s Restaurant in Kings Park and Cottesloe Beach, obviously having a great time.

Flowers in Kings Park courtesy of Not A Ballerina

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