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Nightlife, What's New — By Jacy Meyer on September 7, 2010 at 4:00 am

Prague’s musical heritage is well-known and on display in the Golden City. We not only have an entire museum dedicated to music, we also have museums that pay homage to individual composers. Rudolfinum and Obeční Dům are just two of the powerhouse concert halls here, and who can miss the flyers being constantly passed around advertising concerts held in churches? But sometimes a highbrow evening of culture isn’t what you are looking for. You want some good music, in a laidback atmosphere, and perhaps with some dinner on the side. Lots of pubs and restaurants regularly offer music and normally without a cover charge. Here’s a roundup of places that do, and some upcoming September show dates.

Jáma, a longtime expat fav offering burgers, wings and ribs has recently gone on an expansion spree, opening two new venues this summer, Jáma Steakhouse and Jáma Bar & Grill. These are now the beneficiaries of live music for the month of September.  Every Wednesday through September 29, Jáma Steakhouse rocks out to the tunes of a variety of local singers and bands. Thursdays, through September 30 you can catch the action at Jáma Bar & Grill.

Hush Café is a way-cool pub, cocktail bar and music joint all rolled into one. The music portion offers a mix of DJs and live acts and upcoming dates are posted on their website. Hush is an international gathering place. You’ll finds lots of locals, both Czech and expats enjoying the vibe here.

Belushi’s Bar, located in the Mosaic House hotel is another great centrally located venue. Good food (burgers and the like) plus a huge stage and lots of room means the shows here are more concert-like than intimate. They also have lots of TVs so is the prime place to catch the big sports matches. They offer music most evenings, but they don’t seem to have a calendar promoting them. Check the Mosaic House website and link to their Facebook page.

Photos courtesy of Mosaic House and Hush Cafe

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