Art Out & About: Kampa Babies

Things to Do — By Jacy Meyer on October 13, 2010 at 4:00 am

Kampa Island is a fabulous retreat from busy Prague. Located on the Malá Strana side of the Vltava River; access is best gained through crossing Legií Most (the bridge across the street from the National Theatre) and walking down Malostranské nábřeží. It can also be reached if you cross Charles Bridge heading towards Malá Strana and turning left after you’ve crossed over.

Heading in the first suggested way however puts you closer to the “babies.” You’ll find them on your right if you are walking in the park. Designed by Czech artist David Černy, they are examples of the babies that can be seen crawling up the side of the TV Tower in Žižkov. Children enjoy climbing on them, and you’ll always see people, cameras in hand walking around them with their heads tilted.

Černy is the country’s bad boy artist; having upset just about everyone with his controversial art pieces. An example: He was briefly arrested back in 1991 for painting a former Soviet tank pink. Now, Czechoslovakia wasn’t under Communism at the time anymore, but the tank, which served as a war memorial, was considered a cultural monument. You can read about another piece of his work in one of our previous Art Out & About posts.

Photo by Jacy Meyer

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