Czech Astronomical Clocks

Things to Do — By Jacy Meyer on October 20, 2010 at 3:43 am

Prague’s astronomical clock is one of the city’s most popular tourist sites. In honor of its 600th birthday, we wrote a bit more about the history and detail of this special clock. But you time management types who just can’t get enough of big timepieces are in luck. Prague isn’t the only Czech city boasting a unique time teller.

The second most famous Czech clock is in Olomouc, about a 4 hour train journey east of Prague. Located on the northern façade of Olomouc’s Town Hall tower, the city’s astronomical clock dates back to the 15th century. Unlike the Prague clock, Olomouc’s was heavily damaged during World War II. When it came time to fix it up, the city councilors took a cue from the prevailing political scene and re-did the clock in socialist realism. It is really cool.

If you are in Olomouc, it’s a quick hop over to Prostějov for a look at their much newer (20th century) astronomical clock located on the New Town Hall. Ostrava’s Municipal Museum has an astronomical clock – inside. And closer to Prague, pay a visit to Litomyšl. They have a secessionist style astronomical clock built in the beginning of the 20th century.

Photos courtesy of Olomouc Tourism

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