Sports Bars & Pubs in Prague

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Sports fans don’t need to miss their favorite games while in Prague. While most sports bars and pubs with a TV will be showing either a local football (soccer) or hockey match, some bigger ones catering to foreigners will offer big screens and satellite to bring in international sporting events. Here’s a list of places that regularly show British and American professional sports, like football, rugby, cricket, American football, basketball and baseball. Remember, if the game is being shown live it will happen late in the evening and possibly run until the early morning. If it is a particularly big competition of sorts, it’s best to make reservations.

Belushi’s: This sports pub/club located on the ground floor of a hotel/hostel has lots of screens and shows all important matches. Currently they are showing American baseball (the World Series will be shown here) and NFL.

Jama: Jama shows all NFL games live.

George & Dragon: British pub, great for Premier league games and rugby.

Caffrey’s: Irish eyes are smiling in Caffrey’s. Located right next door to the George & Dragon, you can shuffle between the bars to switch from Guinness to bangers & mash.

JJ Murphy’s: Decent food (a highly rated hamburger) and lots of screens, expect some serious match watching here. Also the only bar on the list located on the “other” side of the river in Malá Strana.

O’Che’s: Basic stuff – games, food…

Many bars post game schedules on their websites so check there first to see local starting times. Go Team!

Photos courtesy of Ed Yourdon and Belushi’s

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