The Big Lebowski

Nightlife — By Jacy Meyer on January 17, 2011 at 4:49 am

Prague is filled with pubs. It’s a cultural thing – besides the great beer, the pub is where you go to relax, catch-up with friends and simply have a good time. Prague 3, close to the Jiřího z Poděbrad metro station and into the Žižkov neighborhood, is pub central for those looking for a bit of an adventure that includes cheaper prices, lots of locals and what will most likely turn into a unique experience. One with an interesting concept is The Big Lebowski.

This is, as far as we now, the only bar in Prague where you pay what you want. Asking for the check, the friendly barman simply told us “as you wish.” The spot itself is a bit bizarre. From the front, it looks like you are entering a Tabak, or cigarette and magazine shop. In fact, the space is half Tabak, while the other half, on the ground floor, is a tiny bar. To sit, you need to climb a fairly sturdy ladder where a loft space is decorated with wrought iron patio furniture and photos of movie stills. There are two rooms, a lounging space with cushions on the floor, and the barman regularly pops up to take orders. There are also little bells on the tables to summon someone. The service was very friendly and the place seems to draw a younger, more student-type crowd.

One of the best parts though is that the Big Lebowski is completely non-smoking. Beer on tap is Rohozec, a lager not found in many places. They offer tea, wines from Moravian and White Russians. Chess sets and books are scattered about, and you can even play with the bartender, who had a game going with the waiter when we left.

Photos by Jacy Meyer and courtesy of the Big Lebowski

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