Best Sandwiches in San Juan

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Food, Things to Do — By Melissa Alvarado Sierra on September 15, 2011 at 2:29 am

When it comes to food, all humans have something in common: the love for a good sandwich. The design of such a delicate creation, in perfect symmetry with its meaty or veggie (or both!) interiors, brings mouth watering experiences to us all. In Puerto Rico, sandwiches serve as plates for delicious meat, sauce and vegetable combinations. These are not your average ham and cheese sandwiches, these are the lesser known, the opposite to fast-food abominations. Once you find these… it’s sandwich love, my friend.

My top favorites are:

1. La Bombonera: Mallorca de jamón, queso y huevo (ham, cheese and egg mallorca). I get hungry just from writing about it. See image above and you’ll know why.

2. El Mesón Sandwiches: Pavo (turkey) sandwich with sorullitos (fried cornmeal sticks). You heard it right, cornmeal fritter heaven! Delish!

3. El Mesón de la Roosevelt: El Retiro; a tasty, big enough for two sandwich also known for its revival powers when dwelling in after-drunkeness.

These are all in San Juan and prices range from $4 to $12 depending on meat and side selection.