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Free? Is there really such a thing? In Puerto Rico there is. Enjoying Puerto Rico doesn’t need to translate into going broke. There are plenty of free activities that are truly entertaining on this island. Three of my favorite things to do in Borinquen are listed here, but get your imagination flowing! Once here, try to make the most of your visit on a budget; you will be amazed by all the activities available for free. Sometimes the stroll you took down a cobblestoned street while tinting your mouth bright red with a delicious cherry piragua is the moment you remember the most from your vacation. Appreciate the “little” things; open your eyes to the day to day activities of locals and become part of the Puerto Rican experience.

Free things to do:

1. Kite flying at El Morro
A local favorite, flying kites at El Morro is free. Just drive to the old city, park and walk to the grounds. There are several kiosks selling cheap kites (around $2) or just bring your own. There’s an annual festival when young and old get together and fly their favorites kites. The wind in this area is very strong making it the perfect spot for it.

2. Casa Bacardí

Just a short drive or a quick ferry trip from Old San Juan to Cataño and you’ll be transported to the world of Puerto Rican rum. The tours takes you back in time, when the company was founded, showing you how the rum is made through pictures. The entrance is completely free and at there’s even a free drink at the end of your tour. Yum!

3. Historical Site and Museums

There are several interesting places with no entrance fees in Old San Juan. The Doña Fela Museum, the Butterfly Gallery, the Fortaleza (PR version of the White House), are available for visits for nada.

4. El Yunque

Tired of the beach? Need some shadow to calm that sunburn? Head to El Yunque forest, the only tropical rainforest in the US. Entrance is free of charge and the possibilities are endless. Bring a pair of walking shoes and a bathing suit; there’s a lot of walking involved and rivers galore.


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