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The Netherlands is well known for its arts, music and culture scene.  When you are exploring the country, what if you get a chance to visit  museums, tourist attractions, theaters, concerts, festivals and other cultural events for less? The CJP card (Cultural Jongeren Pas) is your ticket to making the most of the Netherlands when young.

Keukenhof Gardens - Netherlands attractions

In order to encourage the younger generation (ages 12 to 30) to take an active part in the cultural activities of the country, the CJP card was introduced. It is the Dutch equivalent of the Euro>26 card. The card was earlier valid for up until 26 years of age but now the age limit has been extended up to 30 years .  The card holder is entitled to a discounted entry at tourist sites, hotels, museums, theaters etc as well as reduced prices while renting cars and shopping for DVDs, magazine and games. Check the Euro>26 logo at these places to find out if you are eligible for a discount.

The CJP card costs €14 and is valid for one full year from the date of purchase. You do not have to be a student or a European Union citizen, in fact you can just order the card either online at the CJP website (in Dutch) or buy it from the VVV Rotterdam cafe (Rotterdam Tourist Information Centers) and all major tourist attractions.

Combine the CJP card with the NS off peak Railway discount card and you are off to enjoying the Netherlands at unbelievably low prices – budget travel at its best!

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