Typical Dutch Food (Part I) – The Oliebollen

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Traveling to a new country includes not only visiting the tourist spots and off-the-beaten-paths, but traveling also provides a chance to understand and appreciate the local culture, customs and food habits.  Rotterdam has a rich cultural heritage showcased in its museums, architecture, parks as well as in its festivals, events and cuisine.

Therefore, this Typical Dutch Food series here at NileGuide aims to highlight the traditional Dutch dishes and snacks, one at a time.  We start off with Oliebollen.

Oliebollen - Typical Dutch Food

Oliebollen :-  Oliebollen (“Oil balls” in English) are traditionally eaten on the New Year’s Eve and are essentially a winter food. Simply put, these are donut balls made my mixing flour, eggs, yeast , milk and baking powder. The Dutch usually fill their Oliebollen with raisins, currants,  zest (citrus peel) or even apple pieces and let the dough sit for a couple of hours. These are then deep fried until golden brown and served with white powdered sugar (nowadays also cinnamon). As unappetizing as the name sounds, these balls are delicious.

Oliebollen - Typical Dutch Food

If you are in the Netherlands, during this season, do not forget to buy your share from the Oliebollenkraams (Oil balls selling stalls).

Wish you a healthy travel. Smakelijk eten!

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