Weather in Rotterdam

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Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands, is situated on Rhine-Meuse delta, near the North Sea. Located in the province of South-Holland, the city is a part of the Randstad. Southwesterly winds result in a moderate maritime climate across the Netherlands, and the Rotterdam weather reflects just that.  The typical weather in Rotterdam includes the following characteristics :

Weather in Rotterdam

Winter in Rotterdam: If you are visiting Rotterdam during the winter (December to February), expect temperatures of around 2-5 °C, staying fairly above zero during the day, while nights may be colder touching sub zero temperatures at times. It snows occasionally – do not forget to pack warm jackets and gloves.

Spring in Rotterdam : Blossoming tulips, lilies and other flower bulbs dominate this season, making spring (March to May) one of the most attractive seasons in Rotterdam and in the Netherlands. With average daily temperatures between 15-20°C in this season, the days start getting longer.

Summer in Rotterdam: The city experiences warm summers (June to August) , with temperatures around 20- 30°C. July and August are the rainy months and therefore, a good umbrella comes in handy. This is also the best time to visit Rotterdam, with the city hosting plenty of festivals, and events to help you enjoy the pleasant weather.

Autumn in Rotterdam : The autumn season (September to November) is usually cool, interspersed with occasional rains. The temperatures are in the range of 10-20°C, the colorful Autumn foliage offering plenty of photo opportunities.

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