Four-Hour Layover in Salt Lake City

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If you happen to be travelling through Salt Lake City and have more than a few hours between flights, it is worth traveling into town to check out the city -especially if you’ve never been before. If you time it correctly, you can take a bus into town, check out Temple Square, and ride back to the airport -all for just $5.50. (More if you call a cab.)

The first thing you should know: luggage storage lockers are not available in the airport, so don’t bother looking. Hopefully you’re travelling light! Secondly, don’t attempt visiting after dark; Temple Square closes at night.

If you’re ready to go, the first thing you’ll need to do is arrange for transportation. Though Salt Lake City does offer some public transportation to and from the airport, it does not operate at a high volume. Read about your options; you may need to call for a cab when you plane touches down on the runway. The airport sits literally 10 minutes from the heart of the city, so you needn’t allow for excessive travel time.

If taking a Utah Transit Authority bus, you’ll ride Route 550. Deboard at 400 South West Temple, and start walking north (uphill) along West Temple. Make a note of your starting point, and how long you walk, as this is where you will pick up the bus to head back to the airport. Walking north, the cross street numbers count down one-by-one as you near the famous Temple Square.

Once there, you can join any of the numerous free tours, given by Mormon missionaries educated specifically for the job. You may have time to grab lunch; if so, stop in at the Lion House or the Garden Restaurant.

Next up: walk back south to the bus stop, and check yourself in for your flight.

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