Supermarket Sweep: Road Trip Finds

Travel Tips, What's New — By meaghanclark on July 7, 2010 at 2:32 pm

To make a road trip truly unique in San Diego county, locals tend to stock up on some of the incredibly flavorful finds found at local produce market Henry’s. More like a standing farmer’s market than a grocery chain, Henry’s provides residents with some healthy alternatives to some  favorite munchies.

Essentially a local Whole Foods, without the massive price tag, Henry’s is known for its fresh produce and grains. Some of the best and most inexpensive finds are found in the bins lining the front, like the traditional peanuts and chocolate covered raisins…while others have exotic twists. Ask some of the friendly staff to try their blueberry yogurt raisins or the fiery hot peanuts – you’ll quickly bag up a pound. With so many options, it’s all up to your taste buds to find the best combination – but unlike a candy store, you can’t buy each treat by the pound, so make sure to mix and match in separate bags. 

What would going to a fresh produce market be without getting a few pieces of fresh fruit? The great thing about Henry’s is that all of the produce they stock is in season and ripe, ripe, ripe. Add that to their exceptional pricing and you won’t feel guilty about adding a few fresh apricots, plums, peaches or apples into your bag for a day on the road. Sourced almost entirely from local farmers, these snacks will fill you up with nutrients and won’t make you feel stuffed – and undoubtedly these pins are often the most habited by locals, who search through every last pear to find the most ideal dish.

No true road trip, in my mind, is complete without a bag of chips. Keeping with their unconventional ways, you won’t find the average potato on Henry’s shelves but rather some gourmet finds that are actually better tasting and better for you. Some of the favorites include Kettle chips, but for an ultimate treat go for the fries which are only shaped like your favorite McDonald’s side, but don’t taste like them.  Try them on for size in any flavor, or go from something from traditional like vinegar and salt.

This venue is the place for atypical supermarket snacks, and locals don’t just stock up on these finds for road trips or special events. With several locations throughout the county, you’ll find residents sneaking the famous licorice (pictures above) into movies, the local chocolate pixies onto the beach or the espresso beans around the house.

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