Photo Friday – Artisan, Homemade Bread

Food, Things to Do — By meaghanclark on September 3, 2010 at 7:20 am

While it might not look like it today, at one time the nearly decade old artisan bread shop Bread on Market was at the center of San Diego’s red light district. The “ladies of the night” hung from the windows while the East Village restaurant, caterer and retailer was the lobby of the hotel. Rich in history even few locals know about, Bread on Market is more than a San Diego landmark.

Along with weekly networking events and the speciality “Padres Pack” served up for late night noshers during baseball season, the freshly baked European recipes are already an institution. Bread on Market is probably a favorite, without knowing it – it makes more than 250 dozen buns a week for The Station in South Park and all the sandwich bread for Zanzibar and the Tipsy Crow.

Along with its freshly baked bread, the restaurant serves downtown locals and tourists hefty sandwiches, vegan soups, salads and of course, freshly baked pastries. With the cinnamon rolls smells erupting the small shop on weekends, must haves include the jalapeno cheddar bread, applewood smoked bacon included on the breakfast and lunch entrees and more. Through hidden in the final spot to be renovated in downtown San Diego, and hidden from tourists as it’s adjacent to the overly populated Gaslamp, it’s a find.

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