How to Be an Instant Seattle Hipster

Travel Tips — By Michelle Schusterman on March 27, 2011 at 7:12 pm

What is hip? While many have attempted to answer that question*, the fact is no one really knows for sure. Seattle is a hip town with a hip neighborhoods, hip restaurants, hip cafes and a way hip music scene, and if you’re new to the city or maybe just visiting, it’s easy to feel out of place among the skinny jeans, arm sleeves, indie labels and knowing stares above the glow of a cigarette.

But not to worry! I took the Underground Tour last week (my third time…what can I say, it rules!), and lingered in the gift shop for awhile at the end. Among other treasures, including a quill and ink set and books on how “seamstresses” played a large role in supporting Seattle’s economy a decade ago, I found this instant hipster helper.

An instant hipster mustache for Seattle hipster wannabes.


Slap it on. Squeeze into those jeans. Lower your eyelids to half-mast. You’re in.


Disclaimer: I’m no expert in hipsterology. This post is intended to be in good fun.

*Hipness is what it is.

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