Shanghai’s MMA Underbelly

Events, Things to Do — By Lauren Johnson on April 11, 2010 at 9:24 am

Mixed martial arts have grown in popularity around the world and Shanghai is no exception. A new Sai Rui MMA Fitness Club has opened to complement the Oz Body Fit Muay Thai Training Center and the Shanghai Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy. Non-Chinese martial arts are usually not popular in China, and the emergence of new martial arts schools is testament to the earnest interest in MMA.

Tomer Oz, founder of Oz Body Fit Muay Thai, has claimed that a recent surge in student enrollment has caused him to knock down a neighboring wall in his studio so he could fit more students, as well as add a punching bag room and full boxing ring. You can train at Oz’s gym up to 6 nights a week, with an optional sparring lesson on Wednesdays. His classes are ideal for those wishing to learn Muay Thai, as well as folks interested in extreme cardio.

Shanghai’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy is now the largest MMA training center in Shanghai. This style focuses on take downs, so you’ll be grappling and working on joint-locks. The school is no mere money maker, the instructors follow a structured syllabus that extensively covers the basics before students are allowed to move on to more dangerous techniques. With serious instructors and students, and a great new facility, this is a great option for serious athletes and those interested in learning things to perfection.

Finally, the new Sai Rui & MMA Fitness Club is a great option for those who wont to learn both grappling and striking techniques. The fitness club features a full cage ring for serious sparring, and the new side room will house a yoga, Pilates and cardio workout center making this the ideal place to work out for a group or couple with mixed interests. While the classes are small, the school is new and a steady stream of students has not yet emerged. The instructors, however, come with a wide range of martial arts backgrounds, making this an exciting place for a diverse education.

Many people come to China to learn the traditional Chinese martial arts, but for expats, locals and anyone visiting who needs their MMA fix, these schools are the ideal for MMA related instruction in Shanghai.

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  • Len Pesce says:

    Great blog mate, did you get to see the Strikeforce brawl that broke out last night in Nashville with Mayhem Miller?

  • Lauren Johnson says:

    no! I missed it! lame. alas, that’s what youtube is for.


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