Romantic Views in Shanghai

Romantic — By Lauren Johnson on January 17, 2012 at 12:17 pm

Despite what many people think, Shanghai is an immensely romantic place. With stunning views around the city, five-star service and amenities in luxurious hotels, fine dining and excellent booze, Shanghai has exactly what Paris does, but of course with a different atmosphere.

The Bund offers one of the single most iconic riverside views on the planet. Standing with your lover at the handrail overlooking the Huangpu and gazing at the productivity of Pudong is as iconic as strolling hand in hand down the beach. And while the Huangpu may have a slight mercury smell and give you dysentery if you swallow any of the water spray, it’s still a romantic site, and exotic to boot.

From the iconic and beautiful summit of Jinmao Tower you’ll find the Cloud Nine bar offering panoramic views of Pudong as well as first-class cocktails. You’ll find the views from this structure particularly stunning at sunset and into the evening, and since the drinks and snacks are grand you’ll enjoy sitting there watching the sun dip and the moon rise, and back again if the mood suits. While other buildings offer similar views, few do it with as much class as Jinmao Tower.

The French Concession remains one of the most beautiful and romantic places in town for a nice stroll with your loved one. You’ll find tree-lined streets shading comfortable, brick duplexes in the old French colonial style. Grand churches, excellent restaurants, cafes and bars, and chic shops dot the walkways making them memorable and unique, and still distinctly Shanghai.

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