Shanghai’s Best Chinese Restaurants

Food — By Lauren Johnson on March 22, 2012 at 1:08 pm

There is so much hype over the wonderment and awe that are the western and international restaurants in the metropolis of Shanghai, but what about the tasty Chinese grub in the city? Many travelers even complain that they never ate Chinese the entire time they were in the fashionable city. This is a shame because there are some real gems in Shanghai’s Chinese food scene.

The single most popular Chinese eatery in town specializes in southern Chinese food, and you’ll notice this once the dishes start filling up your table and the room starts to reek of spice. Southern food is notorious for it’s spice, but at Di Shui Dong it’s manageable spice, and thus the restaurant’s popularity. There is usually a line during lunch and dinner times, and this is a great sign because it means the kitchen is efficiently cranking out fresh produce all day, and nothing is languishing in a gross pot out back. Additionally, the food isn’t that expensive, the location is great, and the service is typical of a Chinese eatery.

Heading north on the Chinese food scene, Dong Bei Ren is another popular Chinese eatery in Shanghai that deserves it’s acclaim. You’ll enjoy the more wheat-based dishes compared to the rice-based dishes of the southern Chinese restaurants. The dessert breads are famous, and the staff, dressed like northerners during the heyday of communism in China, are adorable and attentive. The place is also ideal for big groups, business meetings in private rooms and rowdy crowds.

Aside from these lovely star restaurants, you’ll find other recommendations for hot local cuisine on our list of Cheap Shanghai Eats.

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