Buddha Sushi – Not For Amateurs!

Food — By kelowitt on May 19, 2011 at 4:14 pm

One of my favorite sushi joints on St. Thomas is Buddha Sushi, which specializes in amazing and creative rolls. The volcano roll, the Smooth Kriminal, the majik roll… the list goes on. Pictured above is the Bigg Buddha, a combination of lobster tail, salmon, scallops, roe and about 1000 other delicious and tasty flavors.

They also have a wide range of wines, cordials, Japanese beer and sake, plus some inventive desserts like lemongrass sorbet.

Buddha Sushi is located in Estate Frydenhoj, on the south coast road headed towards Red Hook. Hours are 5-10pm Monday through Saturday, except during the once-a-month Full Moon parties, which go from 10pm till LATE and include DJs and dancing.

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