Unusual Places to Stay in Sydney

Hotels — By Jenny on October 4, 2010 at 4:04 pm

One of the most unique overnight experiences in Sydney is in the Taronga Zoo – yes, you read that right! One of the programs offered by the zoo is called “Roar and Snore”. The accommodations are safari tents that are as luxurious as any hotel rooms, complete with cushy beds, and full modern bathrooms next door. The best part is the amazing view of Sydney Harbor – there are few other places where you can watch the sunset or sunrise like this. Food and night safari are included.

It rivals any typical luxury hotel you’ll find in any of the world’s large cities, but the Intercontinental is particularly unique for one thing: the view. The Sydney skyline is home to two of the world’s most well-known landmarks along its harbor, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Intercontinental offers the best views of both from its towering expanse. If you’re going to spring for a room here, make it a Bayview room – you won’t be sorry as the sun sets over Circular Quay and you’re treated to one of the most spectacular city panoramas you can imagine.

For top views from the other side of the bay, try a stay in the Sebel Pier One hotel. This hotel is not as luxurious and expensive as the Intercontinental, but is still a stone’s throw from The Rocks and the base of the Harbour Bridge. It’s also in a quieter neighborhood than the Intercontinental and surrounding hotels. Again, make sure to ask for a bayview room to make the most of your stay. Views of the harbour at sunset can be excellent here as well.

A thrilling and distinctive hotel can be found in Q Station, located off the coast of Manly (an eastern Sydney suburb). Before people traveling to Australia by sea were allowed to come onto land, they were screened for diseases such as smallpox and plague, and the unlucky carriers ended up at the quarantine station on the island off the coast. Since the days of closure the island has been turned into a lavish four-star resort, but many of the original buildings remain and are maintained by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. The resort would be hard to pass up either way, but if you’re the type to enjoy tours filled with bone-chilling stories about the ways people lived and died on the island and the spirits that still remain, this is the ideal place for you. Calm down after with an outdoor massage.

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