New twist on a pet friendly bar!

What's New — By mayalen on April 27, 2011 at 9:29 pm

Green Iguana in Saint Petersburg has some unusual patrons!  On the downstairs outside bar pets of all kinds are allowed on the patio.  What you don’t see often is a pet actually drinking at the bar.   Alongside his owner Steven Grossman “Private” Snowball did not  just take  sips of the budweiser beer  he was dunking his head in the plastic cup.   He drew quite a crowd cheering him on as he preferred the beer cup over the glass of water.  It was Grossman’s first time allowing Snowball a drink of his beer.  “That was the first time I ever let him drink beer because it’s not good to give alcohol to animals, ” said Grossman.  Snowball also would let people know he was amused when  all his feather’s on his head would rise up.  One of the patrons  asked the bartender if she carded Snowball which led the other patrons at the bar to chuckle.



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