Domain de Chaberton: Langely’s gem of a winery

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When you think of BC wineries, the Okanagan springs to mind for most and perhaps the Gulf Islands, but there are some fantastic wineries in the Lower Mainland that are just a short drive from Vancouver. Last Sunday, some friends and I went to Domaine de Chaberton for a wine tour, tasting and high hopes of lunch at Bacchus Bistro.

Credit: Natasha John

Domaine de Chaberton was started in 1975 by a savvy Frenchman, whose family had been in the wine making business since 1644. Experience, knowledge and the ability to make great tasting wines has meant that Domaine de Chaberton has been a successful winery ever since it started selling it’s products in the 1990s. The winery in Langley is in a micro-climate that is similar to Northern France, which lends itself well to producing white grapes. Their red grapes are grown in the Okanagan, where it’s much warmer.

After a lovely drive through the rural roads, we found ourselves in the parking lot of a pleasant looking building and out front were plenty of picnic tables to enjoy some nosh and a glass of wine. When you walk into the main door, you are in the tasting lobby where you will be surrounded by bottles of wine and happy looking guests that are sampling some of the locally made vino. There’s a large menu of wines to choose from and you’re invited to try three. I was very happy with my selections; the Siegerrebe, Syrah and Gamay Noir.

Because the Siegerrebe was so delicious and it was the perfect white to sit outside with, we ordered a glass, sat outside and waited for our tour to start. The tour takes you through the vineyard, wine making room, barrel room and the bottling room. The tour is quite informative and they’re happy to answer your questions. When the tour was finished, we had planned on eating lunch in the Bacchus Bistro, but they were full that day. So, I would highly suggest that you make a reservation, as we will next time we go.

If you’re into wine and locally produced goods, make sure to check out Domaine de Chaberton! I was well impressed with their wine.


Credit: Laila Sabir

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