The Ahwahnee Wears th’ Green

Food, Hotels, Things to Do, What's New — By petedevine on March 15, 2011 at 12:38 am

After being closed for a month for safety upgrades, Yosemite’s grand hotel, The Ahwahnee, is reopening on St. Patrick’s Day. Visitors will again be able to stay in the hotel’s historic rooms and enjoy meals in its great dining room.  Outside the Ahwahnee, the floor of Yosemite Valley still has snow in the shady areas.  There’s lots of snow at Badger Pass Ski Area up high- which will be converted into a healthy season for Yosemite’s waterfalls over the next few months.

More snow/rain is arriving this week and this coming weekend.  Plants are loving it; the greenest areas of the Yosemite region are in the foothills west of the park and along Highway 140 in the Merced Canyon.  Poppies are blooming (open when sunny) and the redbud are readying to add their pink-purple to the color show.

Bring your own green if you come to the Ahwahnee on Thursday; it’ll be a while before there’s much green grass or many green leaves on the hotel grounds there.