Haiti Relief: How Airlines Are Helping

Travel News — By Molly McGonigle on January 18, 2010 at 7:45 am

In the midst of Haiti’s earthquake aftermath, Twitter buzzing led the crusade in raising awareness and money for the victims of this latest natural disaster. Some of the tweets held accurate information about how companies were reaching out to Haiti, while others displayed erroneous messages. Last week rumors swirled that American Airlines was offering complimentary flights to any doctors who wanted to volunteer in Haiti. American Airlines subsequently released a statement correcting this assertion and demonstrating the other ways they are reaching out to the victims in Haiti. Other false claims were made about JetBlue and UPS.

So are any airlines mobilizing their teams to participate in the relief efforts by using their resources to connect with Haiti? Yes, here’s the skinny:

Continental Airlines is offering frequent flier members the opportunity to donate reward miles to charity relief efforts. These OnePass members can donate their miles to either American Red Cross or AmeriCares for their work in Haiti.

American Airlines has promised frequent flier miles to members when they make a donation to the Red Cross. AAdvantage members can receive 250 miles for a minimum donation of $50 and up to $100 for a donation of 500 miles.

Delta Airlines allows members to make donations to Red Cross using their SkyMiles through their program called SkyWish.

United Airlines has set up a donation page via their Mileage Plus Charity program.

JetBlue is arranging flights for doctors, medical professionals and equipment to be flown as a priority until some stability has been reached in Haiti.

While most airlines have had to cancel all flights to Haiti in the near future, they are using their planes and customers as a vessel to make sure help reaches Haiti as quickly as possible. Hopefully, companies like the ones mentioned continue their support to help Haiti recover and move forward from this devastating disaster.

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