Atlanta: A Tour of Tacos

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Although tacos may not be the first cuisine type one thinks of when traveling to Atlanta, this bustling urban oasis in the heart of the South has its fair share of delicious taquerias. From fried tilapia and salmon tacos to BBQ pork and brisket, a taco tour of Atlanta will leave you with a whole new appreciation for Mexican cuisine, Atlanta-style. Here are just a few spots that raise the bar on tacos without raising the price.

1. With three locations in Atlanta, Taqueria del Sol’s unique and low cost tacos are waiting for you around many corners. At just $2.19 each, try more than one of their tortilla concoctions, including the fish taco made with deep-fried tilapia, poblano tartar sauce and pickled jalapeños. Other options include a taco with shredded beef brisket and pico de gallo, and one with chopped smoked pork, spicy jalapeños coleslaw and tequila BBQ sauce.

2. Nuevo Laredo Cantina may not be located in the most scenic of Atlanta’s neighborhoods, but the outdoor porch and authentic Mexican cuisine makes up for the view of warehouses and the Pepsi-Cola plant across the street. After waiting for your table over a few margaritas, order the salmon or shrimp tacos a la carte or go for the full order of three tacos with a side of rice and beans. If you’re feeling high-class, delve into a serving of the lobster tacos— at $8.95 each it is a splurge that won’t break the bank.

3. The Original El Taco is situated on Highland Avenue in the heart of the quaint Virginia-Highland neighborhood. A recent addition to the culinary scene in Atlanta, El Taco is already pulling in the taco fans with its grilled chicken taco made with cilantro and served with avocados and fried jalapenos. For the meat lovers, the red chili steak or pork carnita tacos are the way to go. Vegetarians should try the spicy veggie taco made with calabaza squash, pinto beans and queso anejo.

4. Next, stop by Verde Taqueria Cantina in Brookhaven. Offering up the standard fish and chicken tacos (served grilled or fried), Verde also features unique taco options including a buffalo tofu taco made with fried tofu, buffalo sauce, celery and jalapeno ranch. Other interesting selections include the short rib taco with cilantro sour cream and the calamari taco.

5. Six Feet Under may not be your typical taco spot, but its delicious seafood tacos will leave you wanting more. From catfish to calamari, Six Feet Under serves up a delicious medley of ocean goodies between soft flour tortillas.

6. Known for its bustling happy hour, Tin Lizzy’s variety of gourmet soft tacos also bring in the crowds. Don’t miss the fried fish (the bestseller) and the Baja chicken, served with smoky tomatillo sauce. If you’re feeling adventurous, order the buffalo shrimp taco or the Greek, made with gyro meat and Tzatziki sauce.

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  • Spencer Spellman says:

    Atlanta just has some great taco and burrito spots. Nuevo Laredo Cantina is my favorite and is great for younger crowds, as they have a nice patio area. Expect a wait if you come Thurs through Saturday, but they also do carry out. I actually just finished a review of it as well.

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