Travel Like a Local: Tokyo and Bryce Canyon

Local Insight — By Amy Widdowson on March 19, 2010 at 10:04 am

Our Local Experts know a thing or two about how to do their hometowns right, and we here at NGHQ like to do our best to ensure that you all can benefit from their infinite local wisdom.

This week, we check in with Tokyo and Bryce Canyon to see what they’re observing in their hometowns!

“This place oozes a Blade Runner-esque take on the cramped eastern drinking district”

Time passes strangely in the Golden Gai

Local Expert Alex in Tokyo knows a thing or two about nightlife, and this week he provides a bit of context around Tokyo’s Golden Gai, which “from all outward appearances is nothing more than a collection of alleyways lined with tiny, ramshackle bars”. Describing the historical events following World War II and how they led to the creation of this gritty, authentic collection of watering holes. Check out his piece “Doin’ it Right: Golden Gai” in Tokyo.

“Bring along your oxygen tank if you hail from a seaside locale”

Julie in the Utah Parks challenges you to get out of your hiking boots and on to a mountain bike, showcasing some of Bryce Canyon’s most awesome off-road trails. Combining her adept familiarity with the region with suggestions on where to stay, eat, and drink nearby, Julie’s got a couple of tips and tricks for those of you looking to get out from behind your desks and start hurltling head first down a mountain side with two wheels beneath you. Check out Rollin’ Through Bryce Canyon on a Fat Tire.

Check back here next week for more NileGuide Local Insight. Think you know more about your hometown than anyone else? Love to write almost as much as you love social media? Become a NileGuide Local Expert!

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