Travel Like a Local: From London to the OC, featuring Woody Allen, Kangaroos, and Martinis

Local Insight — By Amy Widdowson on March 26, 2010 at 10:37 am

Another week, another seven days of insight from our merry band of Local Experts from all over the world! This week, we explore river-riding, old-world architecture, and martinis, while remaining aware of your pocketbook and your carbon footprint. Onwards, to Local Flavor!

Erin, our Local Expert in London, reminds us that while last night’s Kensington pub crawl may have seemed like a GREAT idea at the time, it’s important to find a traditional English Breakfast to help stop those spins!

“…fried eggs, bacon, sausage or black pudding, baked beans, toast or fried bread, grilled or fried tomatoes and mushrooms, possibly a potato cake and of course, a mug of hot tea…” – The Anatomy of an English Breakfast, London

Amanda, in Perth, provides helpful hints for the weary traveler who wishes to hang out with a very strong mammal who’d rather kick you in the face than let you crawl in its pouch.

“… a kangaroo hitting your car is likely to put a messy end to the day’s activities” – Five Ways to Spot a Kangaroo in Perth

Sarah, in NYC, examines the locations and sights that inspired some of Woody Allen’s greatest films.

“… the city itself serves as one of his most fascinating characters.” – Woody Allen’s New York

Through his own photography and Local Insight, Kevin in Bangkok shows us the hustle and bustle of the Chao Phraya River.

“… its muddy waters churn with boat traffic as residents use ferries to bypass the tangled lanes on land” – Riding the River in Bangkok

We all know about the House of Mouse, but did you know about downtown Orlando‘s nightlife? Let Local Expert Kristen enlighten you.

“Although few tourists venture outside Disney and I-Drive, there’s actually a really nice downtown area for them to discover.” – Top Five Must-See Things to Do in Orlando

European travel, if you’re coming from the North American side of the pond, isn’t cheap, but Erica in Rome does a great job of finding out ways to stretch that travel budget.

“HINT: if it says nazionale, national, it is free. If it doesn’t, it probably isn’t.” – Rome for Free

If stylish tipples are your thing, Chris in Orange County points you to the best places to lay your head after knocking back a few.

“… the downstairs lounge and bar serves excellent free snacks and offers a stunning martini menu offering such goodies as The Cucumber (Hendricks gin and a slice of cucumber – whammo!) – Boutique Hotels for Martini Drinkers, Orange County

As part of worldwide efforts to bring attention to environmental issues, Jane in Copenhagen will be turning down her lights for an hour on Saturday.

“Copenhageners will be urged to turn off their lights and instead enjoy the evening by candlelight” – Copenhagen Participates in Earth Hour this Saturday

Looking from some ancient relief from your high-tech trip to Shanghai? Lauren will get you some historical solace.

“… the Buddhist Temple, the execution grounds, a stage for plays and operas, and thousands of small booths selling merchandise and food” – How to Find Old Shanghai Amid the High Rises

From which ferry to take to which spa to visit, Aysegul has your back for your next trip to Istanbul.

“Be on a rooftop at least once” – Do’s and Don’t Do’s in Istanbul

Photo courtesy of Kevin Revolinski

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