Best of April Fool’s, Travel Edition: Canada’s Cool, Translating Animals, Getting Topeka’ed

Around the Web, Travel News — By Amy Widdowson on April 1, 2010 at 11:52 am

Ahhh, the first of April – a time when birds sing, the sun shines, and everyone on the internet tries to out prank each other while I go and hide in a corner and rock back and forth. This day is not for the faint of heart, easily fooled, or parents who enjoy sending earnest fwds to their 20-something children.

The big players in Travel all got involved this year and, despite my sincere hatred of all things “Fool”, caused quite a few chuckles over here at NileGuide headquarters, where a lack of sense of humor, the PST time delay, and an allergy to ‘lying’ prevented us from engaging. Here’s what we thought rocked the spring:

  • The Daily Mail reported that the Tower Bridge in London has been sold off to an American billionaire who made his cash money in nuclear waste disposal, teenage beauty pageants and productions of Andrew Lloyd Webber.
  • Google changed its name to Topeka briefly, a reference to Topeka briefly changing their name to Google, therefore completing the loop of self-referentiality. Google Topeka’s blog includes an indepth overview of Topeka’s history, as well as a stoplight reference to proper search terminology (not acceptable: “Before our blind date I topeka’ed him with AltaVista”)
  • Googlers in the UK help you on your next trip to a farm with Google Translate for Animals (available only for Android, natch! No seriously- download it here)
  • Every traveler needs their morning boost, which Starbucks attended to with the introduction of two new sizes, the Micra, for coffee drinking lemurs, and the Plenta, which I think may be larger than some apartments I’ve lived in. Clever corporate photography followed.
  • Tripbase discovered revolutionary ways to extend your life and traveling years, including bee-sting therapy, getting into a pool full of Jellyfish, and a groan inducing reference to Ostrich poop (ohh, the image.)
  • Tripadvisor announced to its subscribers that they now feature space travel reviews – cue complaints from Space stations claiming misrepresentation in 3,2,1…
  • ** Bonus: Discovered post publication, we tip our hats to DealBase‘s sheer nerdery in announcing an Exclusive Hotel Deal on the Isle of Catan. The Junior Year me just DIED!
  • *** Another bonus! (see what happens with these? They all spin out of control!) lululemon athletica up in Canada did a post about the no-mat for yoga on the go, complete with funny pictures and head gear. What makes this REALLY funny to us is that we covered “Yoga Paws” only a month and a bit ago 😉

The travel Fool’s award goes to Gadling, however, who must have challenged their very talented writing crew to top one another in silliness; Gadling staff sure did rise to the challenge. Mike Barish‘s investigation of cannibalism being the new food snob trend, Andrew Evan‘s coverage of the UN Resolution recognizing the coolness of my home and native land Canada, while citing polar bears, Alaska separation, and throwing hockey pucks at an effigy of Sidney Crosby*, and Jeremy Kressman‘s introduction of the world’s first travel content writing robot, the Travel5000 provided numerous LOLs in our office today. KUDOS, Gadling! We raise a NileGuide Kleen Kanteen to you and your guffaw-inducing staff.

Finally, this may not be travel-related, but I was especially impressed with the commitment Funny or Die displayed with their new endeavor, Bieber or Die. Justin Bieber, that pint-sized performer of whom you know very little about (therefore reminding you how old you really are) put on a great effort in a few videos that were actually funny, and the mop-topped background of the restyled homepage was a perfect blend of humor and creepy detail.

I’m sure you’ve seen some crazy stuff around the travel web today – let me know in the comments!

* I nominate “Canadian Trivial Pursuit is Stupid” as one of the more accurate insidery jokes I’ve read in a long time – Andrew, you hit it on the head

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