Silliness on Full Display: the Annual St. Stupid’s Day Parade

San Francisco — By Elea Chang on April 1, 2010 at 10:17 am

While the French are trying to discreetly pin paper fish onto each other’s backs and children in Belgium are busy locking teachers out of classrooms, many San Franciscans will be engaging in an April Fool’s tradition of their own: the 32nd Annual St. Stupid’s Day Parade. Since 1979, Ed Holmes — better known as Bishop Joey, founder of The Church of the Last Laugh, of which every human being is considered a member — has led an April 1st midday march through the streets of downtown San Francisco in the spirit of ridiculousness and lighthearted anarchy. Event-goers stop along the way to observe rituals such as the losing lottery ticket toss and the sock exchange. To add to the festive atmosphere, costumes and props are encouraged and a bevy of performing artists usually take part as well.

As announced on the St. Stupid website, this year the parade will begin at the Embarcadero Plaza and make its way through the Financial District. Participation is open to everyone and tends to be composed of an eclectic crowd, from employees on lunch break to devoted regulars to excited tourists. To witness the fuss for yourself, check out the video from last year’s parade.


[image: Jere Keys/flickr]

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  • Wink Lorch says:

    Lovely to hear about how April Fools Day is celebrated around the world … and a great video, but my impression, from far away, was that this sort of behaviour was normal every day in San Francisco 😉


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