Free National Park Admissions Through April 25th

Travel News — By Jules Auger on April 19, 2010 at 1:19 pm

What better way to spend the weekend with the family than at a national park? The nature captured in a single setting often provides for an escape from the big city and the stresses of daily life. Nature enthusiasts rejoice – declared to be ‘National Park Week’, April 17th through the 25th will provide all park-goers with free entrance to some of the United States’ most prominent national parks.

Seeing as these parks are managed by the government, those who feel that coughing up the money it costs to visit a park is often more than they can afford will be pleased to see that many options have recently been available to reduce these exorbitant prices.

It’s no question that this week is the best deal for those strapped for cash and wishing to experience a quick getaway. Across the United States, 392 registered national parks are opening their doors to the public, undoubtedly drawing thousands of eager visitors excited to experience everything nature holds.

For families with children, April 24th is without a doubt the day of choice for any park visits. That day is called National Junior Park Ranger Day, and activities have been organized for any kiddo interested in the nation’s extensive nature, with the opportunity to earn a badge certifying their completion of certain activities.

To those who wish to give back to the park and thanking the national government for this generous offer, those interested have the opportunity to participate in a number of volunteer activities, many of which are just as enjoyable as a stroll in any one of these parks. Many of these opportunities will be available on April 22nd, officially called Earth Day, a day to celebrate nature and everything it offers.

Check out this website for a list of national parks offering this promotion, and allows people to see nearby parks and their locations. This event will without a doubt generate much attention for national parks, and hopefully provide park enthusiasts with the opportunity they desire to appreciate the nature and wildlife that surrounds them.

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