Travel Like a Local: Carnivores in Rio, Football in Perth, Truffle Shuffles in Seattle

Local Insight — By Amy Widdowson on April 30, 2010 at 8:00 am

One of the joys of working for NileGuide is getting to see all of the wacky shenanigans our writing team is up to around the world. Elephants? Check! Meat Feast? Check! Anniversary of 80s moves that resides in the mind recesses of a generation? Double Check! Here’s how to Travel Like a Local, with tips and tricks from around the world.

Local Expert Lucy in Rio de Janiero

“Carnivores, prepare yourself for some serious gluttony.”
Get Ready for a Rio de Janeiro Meat Feast

Local Expert Abby in Philadelphia

“If you really want to say the whole name of the beer, make sure you pronounce it correctly: ‘Ying-ling.'”
How to Speak Philadelphian

Local Expert Sarah in Seattle

“There will also be a 5K whimsical “Truffle Shuffle” run”
The Goonies Celebrate 25th Anniversary in the Pacific Northwest

Local Expert Chris in Orange County

“‘Hobie’ was the first surf shop in America. Its founder, Hobie, was a guy who liked woodshop and the beach and swore he would never wear hard-soled shoes or work east of Highway 1.”
The Story of Hobie: an OC Original

Local Expert Sarah in New York City

“The rooftop scene is Lower East Side meets South Beach, complete with benches, fountains, palm fronds, even a BBQ—all with an amazing view of the Williamsburg Bridge.”
–  NYC’s Best Rooftop Bars & Restaurants

Local Expert Kevin in Bangkok

“This soup can also be made with chicken (tom yum gai) — but not at my table!”
–  Bangkok Eats: Tom Yum Koong or Gung? Goong??

Local Expert Noah in Los Angeles

“Of course, getting lost has its perks too.”
–  Los Angeles Through Electronic Maps

Local Expert Amanda in Perth

“Now, watching a World Cup soccer game on your TV at home is all well and good, but I’m likely to be joining some crowds out and about in Perth.”
Watching World  Cup Games Outdoors in Perth

Local Expert Erin in London

“250 adolescent fiberglass elephants will magically appear on sidewalks, in parks & squares and tourist attractions around town on May 3rd”
250 Elephants on Parade in London

Image: basykes / Flickr

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  • abi says:

    nothing is cooler than seeing your favorite sports for real and when you are in the real game.

  • Craig Spellacy says:

    I have lived in Perth all my existence and am impressed by the many new issues to discover. It truly is a wonderful town.

  • jevelme says:

    I love watching a sport. Nice blog.. Very much appreciated.


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