Lou Reed Takes Sydney Opera House To The Dogs

Sydney, Travel News — By David Chalk on May 14, 2010 at 3:50 pm

Lou Reed has recently been touring with music inspired by his 1975 concept album “Metal Machine Music,” which combined the complete absence of melody and vocals with unending feedback.  Where could the former Velvet Underground member possibly go from there? On June 5, he’ll be in Sydney with partner Laurie Anderson playing a 20-minute concert that will be completely inaudible to human ears, because it’s been composed especially for dogs.  Part of the Vivid Live festival curated by Reed and Anderson, the “Music for Dogs” show will be held on the northern boardwalk of the world-renowned Sydney Opera House.  The festival website promises that the dog concert “will be an inter-species social gathering on a scale never seen before in Australia.”

Anderson, an experimental musician, composed the music for the concert. More from the festival website:

Taking the idea of the apparently inaudible dog whistle to new artistic heights, our canine friends will be treated to a glorious cacophony of sound, while all we will hear is the lapping of the water on the harbour.

The site also says that leashes are an absolute must: “ALL DOGS MUST BE ON LEADS. ALL HUMANS MUST BE ATTACHED TO THE OTHER ENDS OF SAID LEADS.”

Reed will also be performing music that’s at least sort of for humans with his Metal Machine Trio.  Other artists playing music for humans at the festival include:

  • Rickie Lee Jones
  • Bardo Pond
  • Holly Miranda
  • My Brightest Diamond
  • Metric’s Emily Haines

[Images: Reuters/Jon Nazca, AARP, orange news]

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