Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Brings Divers to Yucatan Peninsula

Active/Outdoors, Travel News — By Ben Van Loon on June 8, 2010 at 10:17 am

Known for their sponsorship of dramatic cliff-diving world-series events, Red Bull again hosted the world series, which took place this year on June 3rd and 4th in the Yucatan Peninsula (southeastern Mexico). The contest was held at the “Sacred Cenote,” or sacred sinkhole located near Chichen Itza, an archaelogical site original built by the Mayans. The sinkhole, which features a color-rich, somber, and picaresque 90-foot drop, was once used for sacrifices and offerings, and was covered this past weekend with Red Bull banners and a plethora of eager photojournalists.

Divers jumped from the leafy jungle floor to the subterranean well and hit the water at nearly 40mph. Aside from being a competition where excellent physical skill is necessary, proficient diving skill was likewise displayed, and with wayward vines and other jungle grown drooping its tendrils into the underground pool and sunlight slanting in from high above, the event also provided some striking photographs. Some video of the event can also be viewed here.

25 year-old Briton Gary Hunt won the competition in Yucatan this year, making 2010 his second consecutive win after last year’s competition in La Rochelle, France, where divers leapt from the Saint Nicolas Tower into the port waters below.

No word yet as to where the competition will be held in 2011, though if it’s anything like the last two years have suggestion, it’s sure to be some place as exotic and dangerous as the rest of them.


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