Don’t Worry, Justin Bieber Won’t Be Playing in North Korea

Travel News — By Ben Van Loon on July 9, 2010 at 5:00 pm

With over 3.5 million followers on his Twitter and over 230 million views on his most recent YouTube hit, Canadian teen celebrity Justin Bieber is certainly the flavor of the week. He has inspired a variety of internet phenomena, including the recent week’s exploits – the attempt to send Justin Bieber to North Korea.

Fear not, die-hard Bieber-fans, you won’t have to follow your idyllic young hero into the heart of North Korea, because the poll to get him into the infamously oppressive nation was a farce from the start. Of course, the juxtaposition of images is entertaining enough, with bright-eyed, soft-haired, na├»ve Bieber playing to the crowd of the silent, oppressed public of North Korea (the hundreds of thousands of people who have been programmed to do these kinds of things, through a terrifying program of mass synchronization).

The contest was originated on YouTube and sponsored by Faxo, who has made a name for themselves by hosting a slew of faux celebrity polls. Internet hackers caught wind of one of Faxo’s polls on where people would like to see Bieber play/perform. They thought, Why not North Korea? View a video report of the events here.

In the bizarro-world which might have made Bieber’s trip possible to North Korea, it would have been impossible for his fans from the West to follow him there. WikiTravel has all the information you need for what you would have to do, as a Westerner, to actually get into North Korea, but even if you did get there now, what fun would it be without Justin Bieber?

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  • Jackie West says:

    I feel affection for you Justin Bieber!

  • Yipkos says:

    ey tru that ma mane this post is so right!

  • Panic Attacks Deal says:

    I saw Justin in miami Last month the last time I visited my aunt’s house (a woman who’s suffering from panic attacks) lol.. After that, I started following him on TV. I think he’s kind guy.


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