Two Google Apps to Reduce Travel Headaches

Canada, Travel News, Travel Tips, USA — By John Curran on July 14, 2010 at 11:00 am

Living down the Jersey Shore, one can easily see the traffic every weekend. If only there was an air traffic controller who could vector in vacationers to open parking spots before tempers flared hotter than Venus.

As noted by Switched, people with Android phones can get crowd-sourced information on open parking spaces. You pay it forward with Open Spot by noting any spot you leave and – Big Apple, I’m looking at you – it displays spots in a metro area left open by altruistic souls.

It’s also available in Canada and the Netherlands, but your best bet may be to use it to make quick work of day trips to new places, giving you more time to actually enjoy the sights, sounds and food.

It’s not the only app that can help you: after several migraines trying to coordinate high school friends from three states for a World Cup viewing party in Philadelphia, we found an app that would’ve made it easier: TripIt.

TripIt’s designers say it’s meant for corporate travel, especially for small businesses, but it makes even more sense for buddy trips when people are coming from different directions. You can see each person’s trip and note travel information, perfect for that one friend who’s always arriving at the last minute. It’s free and should be a great tool on your next trip. That is, unless you want it to end up like the closing scenes of “The Hangover.”

[Image: Google Labs]

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