Justin Bieber and “TMI” Travel Tweets

Japan, Offbeat — By Molly McGonigle on October 18, 2010 at 12:15 pm

Justin Bieber may be young, but his fame has allowed him to see more of the world than most adults. And like any teenage, hormonal boy, Justin Bieber appreciates the quirky perks of foreign countries.

Instead of marveling at the architecture, famous artwork, fashion and history of the wonderful places he sees, Justin Bieber is most in awe of toilets. That’s right. He loves warm toilets and he wants his millions of fans on Twitter to know it.

After a recent jaunt to Japan, Justin Bieber retweeted a fellow Team Bieber’s tweet. “Japan…the heated toilet seats have been gone for way too long…and I had some great sushi tonight. Osaka is a chill spot…” Kenny Hamilton tweeted and promptly Bieber retweeted. Weird.

But that’s OK. Obviously, this baby needs some more life lessons to enjoy the finer things when traveling. Or someone to educate him along the line of appropriate things to tweet about after traveling. If he’s looking for candidates … I could rearrange my schedule. What do you think of the Biebs’ cultural appreciate of Japan?

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