United’s New Kiosks Not Accessible to All

Travel News — By spencerspellman on November 10, 2010 at 11:00 am

Airline kiosks at most major airports around the globe have made it easier than ever to check-in so you can quickly get to your gate. Even during peak travel times, you can get checked-in and on your way in a matter of minutes. Although many aspects of air travel have become more cumbersome, at least there are some ways to streamline the traveling process. However, according to a recent lawsuit, the new travel kiosks from United Airlines might not be making it easier and accessible for everyone. According to Time, United Airlines’ kiosks actually exclude a population that depend on accessibility; and that group is people who are blind.

The article is a result of a lawsuit that claims the kiosks by United exclude the blind. Visually-impaired individuals depend on things such as ATMs and computers to have accessible features that provide audio assistance. However, United’s kiosks do not offer such audio assistance. Many other airlines offer audio assistance for visually-impaired individuals; so the question isn’t one of capabilities. One of the plaintiffs in the case called the limitations on the machine frustrating, saying that the lack of an earphone jack or even Braille output was demeaning and inconvenient.

\There was no mention in the Time article about United’s response to the lawsuit.

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