HTBR 2K10 Question #2 – Weird Travel Gifts

Contests — By Rachel Greenberg on December 9, 2010 at 3:12 pm

What are some awkward/creepy/weird travel gifts to avoid this season?

Here are some examples to get you going:

Item: The Cell Phone Wrist Carrier

Where It’s Sold: SkyMall

Price: $29.95

Comment: When you’re too lazy to hold your own phone and want all non-Americans to hate how American you are.

Item: All Sterling Silver Purse

Where It’s Sold: SkyMall

Price: $2,999.00

Comment: Most convenient and inexpensive bag to take with you through security.

Item: The Siamese Slanket

Where It’s Sold: SkyMall

Price: $40.99

Comment: Just in case you want to make the third person on your airplane row even MORE uncomfortable, disappear with your partner under your “slanket” for a few minutes here and there.

Need even more inspiration? Check out ‘Buy This, Not That: NileGuide’s Holiday Gear Guide‘.


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  • Sonja Holverson says:

    O2 Cool Squeeze Breeze Battery Powered Misting Fan!

    This amazing attention-getter will thrill your loved-ones as a travel gift. Imagine them now. Sitting in a Parisian 3* Michelin restaurant on a hot August day and they pull out their O2 COOL SUEEZE BREEZE. And then they spray on you! And if the color does not get noticed then the little buzzing sound will, especially during the latest performance at the Paris Opera House.
    But that’s not all. The vendor says that it’s also great for misting plants and doubles as a drinking bottle or a desk fan! What more could you ask for at $14.95 as a gift for your jet-setting friends?

    O2 Cool Squeeze Breeze Features
    – Mists 30°F below air temperature
    – Pump action sprayer
    – Wide mouth cap fits ice cubes
    – Foam blades keep it safe
    – Bright, fun colors
    – Requires 2 AA Batteries

    Purchase at
    More pictures here

  • Josh says:

    What better way to tell someone you love them than to give them something that will block their odor? Does your love one have stinky butt odor? How about stinky pit odor? How about foot odor? Nose odor? Aspray can reach any location, ANY location and better yet, how are you pronouncing the name?

  • Josh says:

    I forgot to add that it is the perfect travel gift for a stranger on a plane, train, or bus…

  • Julie Trevelyan says:

    (Not sure I can compete with Josh’s fix-the-stinky-odor spray! But here goes…)

    You NEED a Nap Cap & Nap Strap Stylish Sleep System, travelers! It’s totally annoying when you’re catching zees (zzzs?) on the plane or train or bus or rickshaw, only to be rudely awakened by your darn head falling forward or sideways because of that silly gravity thing.

    Solution? Strap your darn bowling ball of a noggin into place! That’s right, strap that sucker right to your seat so you look like an insane asylum resident who must be restrained during travel. You’ll be the talk of the plane/train/etc. for sure. If you’d rather not be mistaken for a character out of a Psycho-type movie, make sure you slip on your actual Nap Cap (which handily says so right on the brim: NAP-CAP). That way, your intended objective of sleep will be clear to all who pass by your seat.

    And all this for a MERE $98.95. What are you waiting for? Get on it, it’s the perfect holiday gift.

  • Sonja Holverson says:

    Good one, Julie.

    I’m going to be looking for them on passengers to see how they like them before I make such an investment. One concern would be that little kid that always seems to sit behind you kicking the seat. He would surely be fascinated with such strap while you sleep.

    It would be most interesting to know what the many helpful hints could be in the detailed, easy to follow instruction manual.

  • Jess Steinitz says:

    Made by Reef, the heel of their “Stash Sandals” opens up to “stow your secret treasures.” Back in the ’90s, this may have been an okay thing to wear through an airport, but I doubt they’ll be as lenient as they once were when your body scan shows that you have a bag of, uh, oregano in your shoe.

    If stashing something is what you’re after, why stick it in your shoe when you can go for the goods with the “Brief Safe”? This special underwear is touted as being “an innovative diversion safe that can secure your cash, documents, and other small valuables from inquisitive eyes and thieving hands.” It goes on to explain that “items can be hidden right under their noses,” although it doesn’t explain why people’s noses would be in your crotch. The best part, though, are the “special markings” on the lower rear portion that apparently will cause any potential thief to”skid” to a screeching halt when they see it. Nice.

  • Julie Trevelyan says:

    Oh, I love yours, Jess! I laughed out loud. Really…who invents these things? 😉

  • Craig says:

    Back in the day the airlines used to give you playing cards, die cast model airplanes, wing pins, and tours of the cockpit. Nowadays though, you are hard pressed to even get a pillow and blanket. That’s where this blanket comes in.

  • Keith (Maui Local Expert) says:

    Don’t let TSA see your junk in the full body x-ray scans. Buy your friends and family these fig leave stickers to place over their private areas. The stickers are lined with metal foil so they cannot be seen through on the xray machines.

    Great stocking stuffer!

  • Amy Widdowson says:

    I got a snuggie last year because I spend so much time on planes. I’ve never braved having an entirely separate bag just for the large mass of fleece, though I’m tempted to bring it to parties.

  • Lauren says:

    My grandparents last year saw an adorable little cardboard travel suitcase the size of a shoe box for sale at Ross. You know, one of those little things that looked like a 1950s world traveler used to go from ship to ship to see strange islands. Anyways, they sent it to me in the mail. I guess they hadn’t read the tag. Inside was a matching thong and bra set with a very non PC tag explaining how you have to travel to experiencer the exotic things in life. Sigh……I’d need a team of psychologists to uncover what message they were trying to send with that weird gift!

  • eric says:

    Portable Dog Toilet–Fake grass, fire hydrant and the smelly stuff just drains away. Put it on your front lawn next to the Flamingo


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