Will and Kate Plus 2 Million Britons are Taking April Off

Travel News, UK — By John Curran on January 21, 2011 at 11:30 am

Being royalty has its benefits for Prince William of England and his fiancee Kate Middleton, but two million UK residents can also enjoy some perks – that many Britons are expected to take advantage of the prodigious timing of the wedding between the two.

(Note: NileGuide is aware that the photo in question is actually Kate Middleton and future brother-in-law Prince Harry. For other images, consult your favorite Google search terms. We’ll wait.)

Okay. Due to parliamentary custom, or something, the wedding between the two counts as a “bank holiday” or national holiday for Americans. And since it occurs on April 29, it actually is sandwiched between Good Friday, Easter Monday and May Day, all of which are already holidays.

And the irony of the matter is that thanks to the celebrations, maybe up to 10 million United Kingdom residents are traveling away for the weekend, with two million on just the weekend of the 29th, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave very many people to actually celebrate the point of the day, holy matrimony for Kate and William. It takes some of the luster off the event, and suggests one thing for non-UK residents: beware the hordes of Britons who will be traveling throughout the UK and Europe on holiday between April 22 and May 1.

[Image: Nick Warner via Wikimedia]

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