Folding Screens Could Seriously Change Techy-Travel

Business, Gear Guide, Travel News — By Candice Walsh on May 23, 2011 at 12:57 pm

Sleek, sexy and compact…nope, not supermodels–computer screens! The trend for ridding technology of “clutter” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and now a foldable screen will soon be hitting the market.

At the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology in South Korea, geeks (JK, we love you) have made a breakthrough in foldable OLED screen technology…meaning it can be folded in half, like paper, but without the creases even after 100,000 re-folds. You can practically feel Microsoft and Apple waiting to pounce on this baby (a la the minimalist iPad).

Folks have been trying to create these kind of computer displays for years, but to no avail. The new design works because “the active matrix OLED display is actually mounted on silicone rubber, which is a hyperelastic material (one that can endure huge elastic strain from stretches) and a protective pair of glass shields that also act as touchscreens.” We’re not totally sure what that means either, but we’ll take their word for it.

This design could actually change the literal face of all our gadgets, forever. The “structural constraints” of our displays will be freed. You’ll literally be able to double the size of your cell phone just by opening it up, or unfold a laptop at a cafe to create one hell of a workstation. Perhaps the “computer sheet” will be possible, or Tai Chiem’s desire for a PSP 2 which you can literally unroll will be created.

And then we travelers can cram even more gadget goodies into our backpacks, right?

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