The Contortionist Suitcase Caper

Travel News — By kwanberg on June 10, 2011 at 9:28 am

After reporting on a slew of recent cases of smugglers caught with questionable carry-ons—from massive amounts of meat to exotic animals—we thought we’d share the latest (and possibly greatest) smuggler making headlines. Both wrist-slaps and golf claps go out to the smuggler who smuggled himself in what must have been an act of shear will—if not, dare we say, evil genius. Polish national Krzysztof Grzegorz, 29, was recently arrested for contorting his nearly six-foot tall frame into a 35-inch by 20-inch suitcase, which his partner in crime, Jouoastaw K, 31, then boarded onto an airport bus embarking on a 70-minute trek from Girona Airport to Barcelona, Spain.

Image: MattHurst/Flickr

Once loaded into the luggage hold, the limber thief would emerge from his hideaway and rifle through other passengers’ bags, scoring items including laptop computers. Grzegorz’s approach was simple: He would unzip and sneak out of his case, light his way with a flashlight, pack his stolen loot into a smaller bag, then crawl back into his suitcase until the bus arrived in Barcelona, at which point his accomplice would retrieve him and their booty. The other passengers did not realize that their belongings had been swiped until after unpacking at their destination, and police were baffled as to how valuables were regularly going missing from this particular bus route.

The thieves weren’t discovered until a fellow traveler witnessed someone suspiciously rushing to pick-up a suitcase—and proceed to chat with it—and a bus driver alerted the authorities after he caught sight of a man awkwardly struggling with a heavy piece of luggage. A police spokesperson quipped, “I believe this is what the British call an open-and-shut case.”


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