Buried Pyramids Found in Egypt

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When we see things like this, we can’t help but wonder what else we’re missing.

Scientists have discovered 17 – yes, 17 – buried pyramids in Egypt via satellite imaging (good to know those satellites aren’t all going towards taking pictures of our backyards). Not only did they find underground pyramids, but also a thousand tombs and 3000 buildings that date back to the time of the Pharoahs.

It’s pretty new business to find ruins via satellite instead of the old reliable archeological dig. Of course, after the satellites discovered the ancient city, archeologists followed up by getting their hands dirty.

These same archeologists believe there are many other buried pyramids and cities throughout the area, including ones that the Nile covered in silt. But political happenings in Egypt may hinder further investigations as much as it has hindered tourism as of late.

Image: Ed Yourdon/Flickr

Satellites also helped in the discovery of an ancient city on the Caribbean sea floor just a couple of years ago. The researchers seemed to believe this city might even pre-date ancient Egypt. Alas, it still doesn’t seem to be the famed city of Atlantis.

Oh, but wait! Looks like University of Hartford professor Richard Freund may have found Atlantis by way of Cadiz, Spain. You may have missed it with all that coverage of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, but National Geographic aired a special back in March describing how Freund and his team used radar equipment, digital mapping, and satellite images to locate the ruins. In a twist of fate, they believe a tsunami may have buried the famed mythological city.

What else will satellites find in the coming years? We can’t wait to find out.

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