Man’s Lost Luggage is Only Part of the Problem

Offbeat, Travel News — By Jared Karol on July 6, 2011 at 4:28 pm

If you’ve ever had your luggage lost by an airline, you know that it’s almost always an unpleasant experience. But in the end, after the hassle and stress of waiting around for your luggage to be found and delivered to you, things usually turn out okay. A minor inconvenience is usually what it amounts to.

Of course this is assuming that the contents of your luggage were not soaked in urine when they were returned. According to that is what Sy Haze from the UK claimed happened to him on his flight from London to Minneapolis.

Photo Credit: markhillary/Flickr

In a sadistically-comic mix up involving incorrect boarding passes and random destinations, Mr. Haze’s luggage was first sent from London to Boston before being returned to London. When the mistake was realized the luggage was correctly returned to Minneapolis, before it was inexplicably sent back to Boston before finally arriving back in Minneapolis four days later. At some point during this journey, it was peed on. Additionally, tooth paste had been squirted all over Mr. Haze’s toiletry bag, and other items were missing.

The Three Stooges could not have written a better skit.

When Mr. Haze contacted the airline about the urine they were rude and dismissive, except for the two workers at the desk in Minneapolis who found the whole thing hilarious. Funny enough to have to duck under the counter to hide their laughter while Mr. Haze explained the situation.

Angry at the poor response, Mr. Haze made a video that has since gone viral showing the contents of his bag and clearly voicing his displeasure at the airline’s lack of attention to the incident. The airline has since contacted Mr. Haze and he is “waiting for them to make me an offer.”

[youtube width=”575″ height=”494″][/youtube]

We’re not sure what the airline is going to offer Mr. Haze, but we think he deserves a lot more than a can of Febreeze for his experience.

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